The Youth Club

The Club dei Giovani(The Youth Club) del Valtellina Golf was founded in 2012 with the aim of bringing children and teenagers closer to the game of golf and to the sporting and behavioral rules peculiar to this activity, without which golf would not be the exciting sport we know, but it would be limited. A simple walk in the green during which, every now and then, you hit a ball with a club. Golf is a sport that requires the player’s honesty and sincerity as an indispensable condition. The Valtellina Golf Youth Club does its best to ensure that children learn to play golf while learning the spirit of the game and respect for the rules.

In a few years Valtellina Golf has been able to create a close-knit group that now has over 50 members, including students and agonists, supported by the foresight and generosity of the sponsor Demetra SRL.