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Marco Guerisoli


Marco Guerisoli was born in Alessandria on June 6, 1985, he played as an amateur from 2002 to 2007 for the Italian Golf National Team, winning a title of International Champion of Belgium and a title of European Champion for under 21 teams.

In his amateur career he has achieved numerous national and international rankings.

In 2007 he won the selection qualification at the professional school and obtained the category to access the Alps Tour professional circuit.

In 2008 the transition to professionalism as a player, he joined the team of the Italian Professional National Team until 2013 when he began his career as a teacher.

In 2015 he received the qualification of “Master”, acquired at the national federal technical center.

In the following years he attended national and international seminars and received the certifications, Trackman, Smart2Move, Capto, US Kids, BioSwing Dynamic.

In 2019 he was included among the national coaches for youth teams in the Lombardy region, a position that is still in place.

In 2020 he received the AA class qualification from the Italian Pga and in 2021 he was recognized the Pgai Advance qualification from the Italian Pga.

In 2020, he received the diploma of club director, a title acquired after attending the course at the federal technical center.

Since 2013 he has been titular teacher at the Valtellina Golf Club and is co-owner of the Guerisoli Golf School


The didactic approach is based on respecting the physical characteristics of each player; each player must develop his own swing according to his motor skills and aptitudes, in order to produce powerful shots, solid impacts and a correct, performing and suitable for your characteristics.


Marco firmly believes in the effectiveness of technology to help and teach the game of golf.

But its use is managed and dosed according to needs in order to avoid the risk of becoming dependent on it and losing sight of the purpose of this sport, that is, powerful shots and performing ball flight. Technology and its use are to be considered a means to an end.

The technology in his possession that he usually uses during the lessons is:

  • Trackman 4 to control the flight of the ball and the action of the stick through the impact zone;
  • Video analysis with specialized golf software;
  • Smart2Move: Footboards to control the vertical pressures and forces exerted by the player during the swing;
  • 4DMotion: Sensors for 3D biomechanical analysis of the swing;
  • Hackmotion: Sensor for the biomechanical action of the wrists during the swing;
  • Capto: Sensor for the 3d analysis of the movement in putting.


During the lessons, the goal is to transform technical concepts into sensations and mental images, which are easier to repeat during the execution of the swing.

For this reason Marco has at his disposal numerous training tools that are able to quickly transfer the technique into sensations to be reproduced in the driving range and in the field.


The Valtellina Golf Club has a Youth Club full of new and aspiring young athletes players.

With Us Kids certified teaching methods, children (under 12) learn to play golf while having fun through equipment, games and courses specially designed for age groups and levels of play.

The competitive activity for the over 12s provides a personalized program and training that is differentiated from the little ones, designed to enhance and finalize the game on the pitch and the results of the competition.​